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A lovely goodbye

By April 17, 2013No Comments

I have the feeling that the winter is over. Still it´s endless of white fluffy snow in the mountains, and it will stay at least until the end of May in the high mountains of Tromsö.

But ay, I said to myself that in the middle of April I should start to prepare for my running season.

Last weekend was it the last ski mountaineering world cup race here in Tromsö. I wanted to join and I had the feeling that I almost needed to, because it was in Tromsö. And that´s where I live you know.

I didn´t really had the motivation. I think it was because I had many weeks of traveling and switching between running and skiing. I was a little ambivalent!  When I don´t have motivation I normally do other things. That gives me more and that I can give more energy to. I think there´s time for everything, you just need to find the right moment.

Anyhow, I came home from the advanced week with Salomon in USA last wednsday with a cold. So that was an even bigger sign that I should just not race..

But I did. The sprint was ok. Short! And sometimes I´m fast :). But the longer race that was held on Sunday was too much for my body that had cached a cold.

I was proud of my decition to not finish the race. I had a good position but I realized that to be happy with the race I needed to push. And my decision was that it´s not worth pushing if my body is not fit for fight.

Still one of my biggest sayings is that nothing is worth so much to keep the health. Because otherwise I cannot be out exploring, enjoying, running, skiing or whatever I want to do in the mountains!

To make a “finish” of the winter season I went out to a small mountain hut in the alps of Lyngen ( 1 hour from tromsö). It was great to just feel the mountains and to feel no pressure of things to do. I had in mind that I even didn´t need to ski. But I wanted!

On our way up to Stortinden, the first colouir!

So we had some nice and steep colouirs and magic views.

On the boat back to Tromsö, hasta la vista Lyngen!

On the boat back to Tromsö, hasta la vista Lyngen!


That was a good end of the season. A nice good bye.


I´m sure I will take some small skiing sessions in the mountains still but the goodbye was a lovely feeling to feel!

And you know what? It´s only 24 days until Transvulcania.. So I think it´s good to start running a little bit more now 😉

Take care of you folks!


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